KomicsKast: Volume 2 episode 1

Yeah, kind of kidding, if anything this may be volume 4 or 5 since I’ve disappeared for long periods before. But I hope maybe I’m on the “rebound” and you’ll actually get some podcasts from me now and then. In this one I talk about why I’m going digital with my comics, as well as the first issue of American Gods.

KomicsKast: Dog Days 24 – Indie Comic: Unusual Suspense #1

This time I talk about a digital comic (although there is a print version) called Unusual Suspense #1. I also talk about the website that it is culled from, and other books that are available from the same source. I also tell you my feelings on what I’ve seen…


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KomicsKast: Tim Corrigan, Rest In Peace

K K logoi talk about Tim Corrigan who passed away suddenly today at 64 years old. Tim was a big influence on me as a small press writer and artist. He’d moved on to music several years ago, but left behind quite a legacy as a comics artist.

I also promised to put up a link to my mini-comics: http://rosey426.tripod.com/PreviewPage.html