My Comics Shipment – May 2016

AND! I’ve even read one of the books since I posted this! Crazy, right?!

3 thoughts on “My Comics Shipment – May 2016
  1. Hello Bruce
    I have a question and was unable to find another way to contact you. I have found a printout of a short article you wrote about Alley Oop. I don’t know how old it is.
    It mentions your introduction to Alley in Pennsylvania, and a brief history of the strip. You mention that “this issue” It has an adventure involving Cleopatra, and that you ” plan to continue reprinting these strips”. My question is, what publication do you refer to in the article? It is not Comics Revue or the Kitchen Sink or Dragon Lady issues, as you also mention those. Any information would e appreciated
    Dave Maus

    • Hi Dave,
      I’m assuming that was WAY back when I was sharing strips from my collection with a Yahoo group that was assembled to share strips. Seems like a long time ago! As for contacting me, you can always use

      • Hi, Bruce

        I had suspected it might have been something lie that. I was also in a couple groups a number of years ago, but didn’t remember this in particular


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