KomicsKast 129: Marvel Month by Month – September 1962 – Part 1


This time, Van Reid and I talk about the Fantastic Four #6 as well as Tales to Astonish #35 which includes the first Ant-Man story. It’ll help if you’ve read the issues and have them handy, but it’s not a prerequisite!

Some sites that are always a big help:



KomicsKast 128: Marvel Month by Month August 1962


This time out, Derek Coward and I talk about Amazing Fantasy 15, the first Spider-Man, while Lyle Tucker, Van Reid and I discuss the first Thor, Journey Into Mystery 83.

You can find more podcasts by Derek Coward at: http://deliberatenoise.com/

Van Reid, besides being a fan of comics, is also the author of several books (excellent books in my opinion!) and his webpage can be found at: http://moosepath.com/

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